Brown Stew

May 15th, Tuesday:

  • Brown Stew (Pork, Potato, Onion, Carrot)
  • Sauteed Furano-Grown Asparagus Assortment (Asparagus, Corn, Bacon)
  • Pork Wiener
  • Top Cut Bread
  • Milk

Asparagus includes plenty of vitamin B1 and B2 which helps break down sugar and lipids and is useful for replenishing your energy. Asparagus harvested in Spring is especially healthy.

Brown Stew is popular among students and teachers, and I too enjoyed it. As an interesting note, wiener is an alternative term for hotdog that comes the loverly city of Wien, that is Vienna. A hotdog is a sausage is in a bun. I was previously fuzzy on the exact difference of the terms.  Eating such a meal as this, I can’t help but recall my days of adventuring in medieval like fantasy worlds.  Brown stew seems just like the thing we might have mixed up in a cauldron over a fire in the middle of the woods and sausage is a time honoured way of preserving meat to take along on an arduous adventure. If the bread had been a little more waybread-like, I might have grabbed my hoopak and just skipped out door  in a fit of wanderlust. 


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