Potato Cake

May 24th, Thursday:

  • Meat Udon (Pork, Naruto Surimi, Onion, Bean Curd, Carrot, Green Onion, Shimeji Mushroom)
  • Milk
  • Potato Cake
  • Fe Wafers

Potato cake (imomochi) is native dish of Hokkaido. Wakayama and Kouchi Prefecture also have a type of potato cake, but although it has the same name, the kind of potato and method of making is different.

I took a poll of some first years this week, asking which they liked better, udon or soba. The results were close, but more students prefered udon over soba. A certain teacher suggested that as children, we are more likely to like udon, but as we grow older, we begin to appreciate the taste of soba. In other words, soba is a more adult taste than soba. When asked my favorite Japanese food, I usually say soba. Of course soba is delicious and a soba restaurant often has many options without meat. Soba also has a healthy and natural reputation, which I think fits with my image.

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