Ishikari Soup

May 25th, Friday:

  • Mince Meat Rice (Egg, French Bean,  Chicken)
  • Milk
  • Ishikari Soup (Salmon, Daikon Radish, Tofu, Konnyaku, Carrot, Chinese Cabbage, Burdock)
  • Salt Grilled Mackerel

Ishikari soup is a symbol of Hokkaido. Salmon is a fish with lots of nutrients, especially it includes lots of Vitamin D, which helps us process calcium.

Back in the day, there were no supermarkets. People had to go to a different shop for each different item they needed, or the merchants themselves would come and deliver their goods to each individual house. So I have read. But in the latter days of the 20th century, giant warehouse like supermarkets became to norm. However, Japan still keeps some of the old-fashion ways (for what was wrong with them?) Thus it is still common for vendors of certain goods to come to not their houses but their workplaces to sell their wares. I was reminded of this when the hanaya, or flower vendor, came to school, selling potted flowers to adorn the classroom or take home. Other vendors I have seen lately include the bread vendor, the yakult vendor (both who come once a week), soba vendor, and a vendor selling USB powered fans.

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