June 11th, Monday:

  • Miso Soup (Cabbage, Wakame Seaweed, Bean Curd)
  • Dried Daikon Stirfry (Dried Daikon, Satsuma-age, Carrot, Hijiki Seaweed, Green Bean, Cut Konnyaku)
  • Bonito Simmered Saury
  • Rice
  • Milk

Hijiki seaweed has a long history, stretching back to Jomon and Yayoi period. It makes an appearance in the Heian period story “The Tale of Ise” as a gift food.  The stem is used as “long hijiki”, and the sprout is used as “hijiki sprouts.”

I am sorry, due to unexpected maintenance on my memory implant, I forgot my camera today, so I couldn’t take a picture. However, I will describe it for you. The miso soup, rice, and milk look pretty much exactly the same as they do everyday. The daikon stirfry was delicious and looked like a moist and tumbled stirfry mix of it’s ingredients. I don’t know why, but hijiki is really tasty.  The saury looked like a narrow fish with it’s head and tail cut off, but it’s silver skin was flaking off and darkened by it’s simmering time. You are supposed to just eat it just like that, bones and all. I desist bones, and I cannot yet bring myself to eat them. Fortunately, one of my first years kindly ate it in my place, and lunchtime as saved! Yay!


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