Grape Juice

June 12th, Tuesday:

  • Minestrone (Spaghetti, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Bacon, Tomato, Green Bean)
  • Pumpkin Salad (Pumpkin, Soy Bean, Ham)
  • Rolled Egg Topped with Bacon
  • Side-sliced Bread
  • Grape Juice

Kabocha pumpkins originally come from the country of Cambodia. Because the Portuguese introduced them to Japan as a Cambodian plant, they were originally called “Cambodian squash (kabocha uri)”.

In Japan, the word “pumpkin” does not refer to an american pumpkin of the jack o’lantern or pumpkin pie variety. Rather, it refers to the kabocha squash. The kabocha has a yellow flesh with green skin, and it’s texture resembles a potato. Nor does it taste at all like an american pumpkin. Thus the “pumpkin pie” made by students in English class is still very tasty, but not really pumpkin pie.

I once read in an etiquette book that you should follow your own culture’s customs, rather than offer your guests a poor imitation of their own. I think this is overall good advice. But it is difficult to follow if you come from a mixed culture. Personally, sitting on the floor has been a well-ingrained habit of mine since childhood. But as a white person, shouldn’t I offer my guests a chair?

But then again, “郷に入っては郷に従え”


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