Chinese Corn Soup

June 19th, Tuesday:

  • Chinese Corn Soup (Corn, Egg, Green Onion)
  • Creamy Tuna Spaghetti (Spaghetti Noodle, Tuna, Onion, Parsley)
  • Fried Mash Beans
  • Butter Bread
  • Milk

The fried mash beans is made with lots of red kidney beans, which Hokkaido can boast of being Japan’s number one producer. It also has pinto beans, tiger beans, white beans, and kidney beans.

Chinese corn soup is, apparently, egg drop soup with corn in it. When I was child, my mother made me cook dinner once a week. I don’t have any fondness for cooking, and thus often used recipes from a book called, “Six Ingredients or Less”. It was true American style cooking: fast, easy, flavourless. I loved it. Anyway, one of my favourites was called “Chinese Egg Drop Soup”. It consisted of chicken bouillon, an egg, and frozen peas. However, my house often lacked frozen peas, because no one liked them. On the other hand, my mother adores corn, so we always had frozen corn. Thus, I put in corn rather than peas. I guess what I am trying to say is, corn seems like an essential part of egg drop soup. To label these Chinese soup as Chinese corn soup, seems redundant to me.
Here is another amusing anecdote, as Weird Al said in Albuquerque. I don’t like meat. I really don’t understand how anyone does. It’s gross. But that is beside the point. Since I never ate meat, my mother always insisted I needed to eat more protein. So I would open up a can of baked beans; there was my protein. Today’s mashed beans reminded me of that. I love my mother. πŸ™‚

  • 中華コーンスープ
  • γ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ γƒ„γƒŠγ‚Ήγƒ‘γ‚²γƒƒγƒ†γ‚£
  • 豆いっぱいフラむ
  • バターパン
  • 牛乳

P.S. Today is June 19th, a very significant day. One more step to the dark tower….


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