Scotch Egg

June 26th, Tuesday:

  • Colourful Chowder (Red and Yellow Bell Pepper, Corn, Onion, Ham, Broccoli)
  • European-Style Potatoes and Bacon (Potato, Bacon, Onion, Edamame)
  • Scotch Egg
  • Black Bread
  • Milk

Recently, there was a new discovery in Turkey. Many tools that substantiated the making of dairy products were discovered. They were 8500 years old.  Why don’t you become interested in history of zymotic foodstuffs?

Concerning today’s lunch, scotch eggs are really wonderful. They are so pretty and handy! I don’t eat meat at home, but if I did, I would like to try to make such a charming dish as scotch eggs. Today’s school lunch scotch egg was way overcooked, but I imagine that can’t be helped due to safety regulations. The chowder was quite nice too. It had several types of western vegetables, tasted quite bell pepper like and didn’t even given me a stomachache. Plus black bread and chowder are just a really nice mix. I love potatoes, so of course I also like today’s potato and bacon dish. I suppose it is European style because of the bright red tomato based (?)  sauce  used. Anyways, potatoes and edamame are a good mix. Thinking about it, I suppose I am just fond of Japanese style haole dishes. Yum! Yum!

Of the new discovery in Turkey, you can read more about it this anthropology article (bottom half). It isn’t very detailed, but still interesting. All humans were unable to drink milk (ie: lactose intolerant, like me!) back in the day. But this discovery in Turkey found that even though we couldn’t drink milk, we still raised cattle and then processed their milk into non-lactose products, like cheese and yogurt. That’s pretty awesome.

  • 彩りチャウダー
  • じゃがいもとベーコンの洋風煮込み
  • スコッチエッグ
  • 黒パン
  • 牛乳

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