July 5th, Thursday:

  • Salt Yakisoba (Pork, Sausage, Tsuto Surimi, Carrot, Cabbage, Onion, Bean Sprout)
  • Milk
  • Xiaolongbao
  • Custard Flan

Today’s dessert, flan, is made without eggs. So those with egg allergies can safely eat it. It tastes even more delicious when everyone can eat it together.

The above paragraph is slightly depressing to me, as I can’t eat flan, due to the milk. However, it doesn’t matter much to me because everyone brought bento lunches today.
As pictured above, I included “vanilla ice cream” flavoured soymilk in my lunch, which is even better than flan in my humble opinion. Milk products like flan, pudding, and ice cream leave a nasty stickness in the mouth after you eat them, but soya never does. So even if foods like ice cream didn’t make me want to die of pain for the next wo hours, I would still prefer soy.
In my tropical homeland, I bought soymilk by the half-gallon, 2 cartons every week. It came in four flavours I beleive: plain, vanilla, chocolate, and very vanilla. Here in Japan it comes in 1000 ml cartons, of which I buy 4. So I am still drinking a gallon of soymilk every week. It cames in four flavours too: plain, processed, coffee, and milk tea. The last is my favourite, but I am trying to be less decadent, so I usually drink the processed variety. Also, the latter uses Japanese soybeans, which I prefer over the Canadian soybeans the company who makes the milk tea flavour uses.
Soymilk is also sold here in small lunch-sized 200 ml cartons. These come in a large variety of seasonal flavours, all of which are delicious. Today’s “vanilla ice cream” is one, but I’ve also sampled “banana,”, “sesame”, “sweet potato”, “adzuki”, and “chocolate”. As an aside, the Japanese term for flan is “custard pudding”, which is rather confusingly shortened to just “pudding.”
Finally, since I know you all are dying to know what a charming foreigner like myself eats, here is what was in my bento: Along with my soymilk was steam rice, takuan pickles, half a boiled egg, burdock kinpira, corn’n’tuna, teriyaki meatballs, and yokan for dessert.

  • 白焼きそば
  • 牛乳
  • ショーロンポー(小籠包)
  • プリン

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