July 23rd, Monday:

  • Miso Soup (Potato, Wakame Seaweed)
  • Mizore Simmered Shrimp and Mini Fried Tofus (Fried Tofu, Shrimp, Soy Bean, Daikon Radish)
  • Breaded Teriyaki Mahimahi
  • Rice
  • Milk

Mahimahi, as a fish of the dolphin family. lives in the warm oceans of the world. Since it’s meat contains very little fat, it is often eaten fried or as meunière.

The English term for Mahimahi is “dolphin fish”, but since everyone is like, “Aw, dolphins are so cute! I could never eat a dolphin fish!!!!” most people call it by its Hawaiian name, “mahimahi”.

BTW, I liked the Mizore Simmer a lot.

  • みそ汁
  • ミニ厚揚げとえびのみぞれ煮
  • シイラ照焼味フライ
  • ごはん
  • 牛乳

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