German Potato

July 24th, Tuesday:

  • Tomato and Egg Soup (Onion, Egg, Parsley, Ham)
  • German Potato (Potato, Bacon)
  • Cheeseburger Patty
  • Butter Bread
  • Milk

The “German” in “German Potato” means “Duits”. The German Potato is a a potato dish made in Germany.

A hearty lunch and German Potato is so tasty! Kyuushoku Center knows how to do tomatoes in soup right, too. A slight note on my above translation. The food “German Potato” is written exactly like that in katakana. But the normal term for “German” in Japanese is “Duits”, which is what Germany calls herself.

By the way, the oil server in my house started making unusual loud noises last night, but I figured I would wait a day or two to see if it wouldn’t stop. Today at work, I was informed someone at city hall had discovered my oil tank was leaking and kindly fixed it for me. So my problem was fixed before I even reported it. I don’t know who it was that someone was, but Thank You so much city hall person!!! I love you!

  • トマトと卵のスープ
  • ジャーマンポテト
  • チーズインハンバーグ
  • バターパン
  • 牛乳

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