Watermelon Jelly

August 23rd, Thursday:

  • Vegetable Shoyu Ramen (Pork, Bean Sprout, Chinese Cabbage, Bamboo Shoot, Green Onion, Carrot)
  • Milk
  • Fried Isobe Chikuwa
  • Watermelon Jelly
  • Kcal: 747

Fried Isobe is when one wraps a food in laver (nori), coat it in a batter and fry it. Or it is dish whose is coated in a batter mixed with minced nori and fried.

Today’s “suika no zerii” I translated as “watermelon jelly”, but the word jelly hardly has a universal meaning. In the US, jelly refers to a fruit preserve or jam that is solidified with pectin. But in the UK, jelly refers to a gelatin desert, similar to what we ate today, that is solidified with gelatin. In the US, such a dessert is generally called jello, after the brand name of a company which makes such a desert. Now let me educate you on the evils of gelatin. Well, not really, but I feel here in Japan, where kanten–a gelatin made from agar seaweed with a long history of use in Japanese cooking–is plentiful, it is better to use that than an animal product.

As a child, my best friend didn’t like jellies at all due to their texture. But as for myself, since my favourite scientist Rodney Mckay is known to adore blue jello, so I must like it as well. The US or the UK variety, eaten with a spoon.


2 responses to “Watermelon Jelly

  1. Scott Lawson

    Blue Jello, like Dr. McKay, is not altogether real . . . unless you truly believe.

    • tenmen

      And they are both related to significant feats of science.
      But as for a real, so to speak, gelatin dessert, youkan is a traditional Japanese food made with adzuki beans and the above mentioned kanten. I think it’s quite good so I’ll send you some sometime.

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