Country Soup

August 27th, Monday:

  • Country Soup (Fried Tofu, Daikon Radish, Carrot, Shiitake Mushroom, Konnyaku)
  • Egg-Bound Satsuma-age (Satsuma-age, Onion, Burdock, Green Bean, Egg)
  • Plum Simmered Saury
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 885

Pickled plums have various benefits such as an antibacterial effect, increasing the appetite, and recovering from fatigue. Today’s saury is finished up by being simmered with it.

Humid days continue…

I am always a fan of Country Soup. It has lots of interestingly textured vegetables, nothing repulsive at all,  in a savoury broth that cannot help but make me happy. I liked the egg-bound satsumaage as well. I must confess I am not very fond of saury to start with (it’s bony and dark…), but today’s did have a distinctive pickled plum flavour which was nice.


I won this giant bottle of お神酒 at the archery contest for my local shrine’s festival. It’s pretty awesome.


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2 responses to “Country Soup

  1. Scott Lawson

    Awesome prize, Daughter! I guess that will help wash the saury down.

    • tenmen

      After I won it, there was much joking that I would drink the whole bottle that night, but to be honest, I am really not sure what I am going with that much sake. From what I understand, it is a high quality brand (Gekkeikan), so it almost seems a waste just for myself to drink it.

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