Gâteau au Chocolat

August 30th, Thursday:

  • Seaweed Udon (Chicken, Konbu Seaweed, Naruto Surimi, Onion, Bean Curd, Carrot, Green Onion)
  • Milk
  • Soy Bean Fritter
  • Gâteau au Chocolat
  • kcal: 773

The meaning of the oft requested gâteau au chocolat is “chocolate cake”. Having sweets appear in school lunch all the time is not good, from the point of veiw of studying food.

The students had testing all day, so I ate lunch at home today. As you can see from my picture above, my lunch consisted carrots dipped in peanut cream, supplemented by a corn-cottage cheese salad and sekihan left over from the Shrine Festival last weekend. Now peanut cream is much maligned by foreigners in Japan, and I think it is rather unjust. It seems to me most foreigners first experience with peanut cream is the mistaken assumption that it is peanut butter. It’s not all, but to be fair it is sold in the jam aisle.  Peanut cream, thankfully contrary to its name, is made mostly of mizuame and crushed peanuts. It contains no dairy, and in fact has much less fat than peanut butter does.

Anyway, when said foreigner discovers peanut cream is nothing alike peanut butter, he feels much wounded and thus forms a permanently negative opinion of it. Peanut cream may not be an ideal substitute for peanut butter, but is serves as a delightful variation on caramel sauce. In fact, a more accurately descriptive name of the product would be “peanut caramel”.



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