Squash Dumpling Soup

August 31st, Friday:

  • Squash Dumpling Soup (Kabocha, BeanCurd, Surimi, Burdock, DaikonRadish, Green Onion)
  • Glass Noodle Salad (Glass Noodle, Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Wakame Seaweed, Cloud Ear Mushroom, Bean Sprout, Cucumber)
  • Baked Perilla Chicken
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • kcal: 802

Welcome the season of kabocha! Various types are delivered, but those named “kurigatsuku kabocha” are the most popular. The reason is because they have a sweetness like chestnuts (kuri).

Today’s lunch was very tasty! I love squash dumpling soup. It has soft delicious dumplings along with the delightful texture and colour of burdock and daikon in a shoyu-sake based broth. Light, but very filling. Likewise the glass noodle salad has a tangy vinegar dressing and is full of crispy cucumbers and bamboo shoots. Upon reading the menu, I was unsure if I would like the baked perilla chicken, but it had a nostalgic chicken nugget taste that reminded me of an imagined childhood.

Although it was not served as  a part of the school lunch, we had watermelon for dessert. My town is a farming community at heart, so one of the parents gave watermelon from their farm for everyone to eat. The habit of giving extra produce to friends is quite common here. This week alone, I’ve also received four ears of corn and two carrots (cf. yesterday’s lunch). If a person receives more produce than they can consume, they will pass it on to other friends. It makes for a really warm community.


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