Bean Curry and Rice

September 12th, Wednesday:

  • Mame Curry Rice (Soybean, Chickpea, Pork, Edamame, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion)
  • Milk
  • Nata de Coco Mixed Jelly (Pineapple, Peach, Apple, Coconut Milk)
  • Almonds and Fish
  • Kcal: 922

Let’s eat beans! Many people don’t like beans. Beans are the plant for extending the life of the next generation. Because the plants have an abundance of nutrition, they are very good for your body.

Apples were a nice addition to the jelly today. I am not overly fond of the tiny niboshi style fish (are they niboshi?) in the “Almonds and Fish” despite the charming baseball cap its wearing on the front of the package. So I pawned off my package to one of my students. I really like the bean curry. For some reason beyond my comprehension, a lot people don’t seem to like beans. This seems to be true both here and in the West. Really, beans are like miniature potatoes, and who doesn’t like potatoes? But I must confess I have unusual tastes.

  • ビーンズカレーライス
  • 牛乳
  • ナタデココ入りまぜまぜゼリー
  • アーモンドフィッシュ

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