Five Ingredient Kinpira

September 24th, Monday:

  • Miso Soup (Potato, Wakame Seaweed)
  • Five Ingredient Kinpira (Burdock, Carrot, Pork, Konnyaku, Tsuto Surimi)
  • Fried White Fish
  • Rice
  • Milk

The sesame seeds cooked as a part of the five-ingredient kinpira contain sesame lignan, which works get rid of bad stuff from your body. Chew the sesame well to eat the inner parts of it.

Today’s kinpira contained “tsuto” which is a type of very delicious fish cake. I am not sure you can tell from the picture, but it is white with a red spiral pattern in the centre. It looks quite similar to a more commonly known fishcake called “naruto”.  In fact, they look nearly exactly the same. But there is a difference in how they are made: Namely, tsuto is steamed, while naruto is boiled before packaging. So now you know the difference.

Whenever I eat kinpira, I always think of this old Japanese song called “Konpira”. Seriously, I’ve had it stuck in my head since lunch:

  • みそ汁
  • 五目きんぷら
  • 白身魚フライ
  • ごはん
  • 牛乳

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