Furano Omcurry

October 10th, Wednesday:


  • Furano Omcurry (Pork, Potato, Carrot, Onion)
  • Furano Milk
  • Ohnishi Family’s Cherry Egg Omelet
  • Mini Tomato
  • Kcal: 927

Today’s was the next lunch as a part of “Furusato Kyuushoku”. I’ve talked about how Omcurry is a specialty of Furano, so I won’t go into it again today. However, please note the miniature flag implanted in the omelet. It is hard to see but it says “Welcome to Furano” in English and then “Welcome to Navel Town, Furano Omcurry” in Japanese. The Indian style curry dish is somewhat deceptive, since I have never seen omcurry served in such a dish, but it is at least always eaten with a spoon.

About today’s food itself, the curry was on the spicy side for school curry. Mine was sadly lacking in potatoes, but that might just be how it was dished out. The tomatoes had a tart crisp taste that complemented the curry well. The omelet pretty thick and fluffy. Speaking of cherry eggs (sakura tamago), I believe they are a variety of eggs, specifically a variety whose shell has a deep tint similar to cherry blossoms. They are supposed to be full of nutrients and have a long storage life. The milk is whole unpasteurized milk that is very popular among students. However, most foreigners cannot drink it without being sick afterwards. It does come in a charming glass bottle though, compleat with a milk cap (pogs anyone?).

Today, during fifth period, we had an earthquake drill. About 10 minutes into class, an announcement came on telling the students to get under their desks. The teacher opened the windows and crouched in the doorway. After a short time like that, a notice that all was clear was given and all the students lined up in the hallway, girls on one side and boys on the other. Then the class monitors took a head count of their own gender, respectively. Once all students were accounted for, students returned to class. Their homeroom teacher then took over, having them watch a video which I didn’t see (probably about disaster safety but it could have been about prevent bullying or something). The most impressive thing was that even the normally noisy class that I was in was completely silent through the whole thing. No talking or unnecessary sounds. I feel like the Japanese people when acting together as directed by a will above is truly a formidable thing. I think Lafcadio Hearn said something like that.

  • 富良野オムカレーライス
  • ふらの牛乳
  • 大西さん家のさくら卵オムレツ
  • ミニトマト

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