Teriyaki Amberjack

October 22nd, Monday:

  • Miso Soup (Plum Gluten, Chinese Cabbage)
  • Aburaage and Sliced Konnyakyu Stirfry (Pork, Konnyaku, Aburaage, Shiitake Mushroom)
  • Teriyaki Amberjack
  • Wakame Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 845

Shiitake is the most commonly used mushroom in Japan. It contains lots of vitamin D, which helps our body absorb calcium.

My favourite dish today was the aburaage stirfry. I like all three of its main ingredients, and it was dressed with sesame seeds, which I really like too. But the amberjack and soup were of course good too. I didn’t think to take a picture of the rice lid open, but it has wakame seaweed mixed in with it. Wakame rice quite popular amoung students, but to be honest, I don’t like it too much. I find it overly salty, and personally, you can’t improve of the sweet, divine, wonderfulness of plain white rice.

I talked to a student today, really one of the best in the school, who said he wanted to become a doctor or dentist. I asked him why, and of course money was one of the reasons, but also, he said, that he wanted to be able to know what was happening when he was sick. For example, if he had cancer he would be able to understand precisely what is wrong and what can be done to treat it. It was an interesting reason, and one I can understand. On the other hand, I talked to another student who wants to be nurse. Surprised he wanted to be a nurse over a doctor I asked him why as well. He felt that nurses could have a closer connection to their patients than doctors, and he wanted that personal relationship. While both students are smart, the difference is interesting. I personally wouldn’t want to be a nurse or even a doctor… dealing with sick people all day: bleh. Now becoming a psychiatrist,  plumbing the depths of insanity  that sounds a lot more fun.

So here is a trailer to a book of insanity and madness by H. P. Lovecraft, one of my favourite authors!

  • みそ汁
  • 油揚げとつきこんにゃくの炒り煮
  • ぶり照焼き
  • わかめごはん
  • 牛乳

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2 responses to “Teriyaki Amberjack

  1. Great orchestral music in that trailer. I wondering if roasted Cthulhu tastes a bit like the smoky sweetness of teriyaki amberjack? 😉

  2. tenmen

    The trailer is actually for an amateur film made by Cthulhu enthusiasts using filming techniques from the 1920’s to the best of their ability. I have the DVD. The same group has done radio play versions of some of Lovecraft’s stories as well as the infamous “A Shoggoth on the Roof” musical. (I don’t know if you remember my brother and I singing that back in the day.

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