Iron Wafers

October 24th, Wednesday:

  • Curry Rice (Pork, Potato, Carrot, Onion)
  • Milk
  • Tuna and Daikon Refreshing Salad (Tuna, Daikon Radish, Cucumber)
  • Fe Wafer
  • Kcal: 900

Curry is a very popular school lunch. We make it by using lots of Furano products and slowly cooking it up in a giant kettle.

The front of the classroom in Japan is generally arranged in the same way. On the right of the board is written the date and day, along with a place to write who is the 日直 or classroom monitor for the day as well as who is absent or late. To the side of that is written the day’s 目標 or like goal for the day. In my morning class today, the goal was 給食をしっかり食べよう or “Let’s eat all of our school lunch today.” But often the goal is something like, “Let’s do our best to get a hundred percent on the English test!” or “Let’s give clear and proper greetings today.” In front of the black board is a long wooden box for the teacher to stand on when writing on the blackboard and in front of the is of course a podium, which the teacher can place documents on and so on.

While this classroom setup may not seem significant, it is actually quite interesting as it really hasn’t changed since mandatory schooling was introduce in the Meiji period. As evidence, I present to you below some pictures from some antique textbooks I have.

A modern classroom. Not my school, but very similar.

From a reprinted pre-war reader

From a even older woodcut printed vade mecum



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