Chinese Corn Soup

October 30th, Tuesday:

  • Chinese Corn Soup (Corn, Egg, Green Onion)
  • Pasta Salad (Spaghetti, Cucumber, Tangerine)
  • Chicken and Pork Patty
  • Koppe Pan
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 707

The color of the yolk of the egg is decided by the food the chicken eats. If they eat food that is mixed with red bell peppers, the yolk becomes a deep orange colour.

Chinese corn soup is like a mix between thin corn soup and egg drop soup. It’s fairly tasty.  Pasta salad is a somewhat unappetizing mix of thick spaghetti, cucumbers, and mikan tangerines lathered in mayonnaise. In fact, the only good thing about the pasta salad is the mikan tangerines, which were unfortunately entirely missing from my salad today. But mikan and mayonnaise go surprisingly well together.

  • 中華コーンスープ
  • パスタサラダ
  • チキンとポークのハンバーグ
  • コッペパン
  • 牛乳

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