Vegetable Fritter

October 31st, Wednesday:

  • Vegetable Fritter Rice Bowl
  • Milk
  • Miso Soup (Cabbage, Wakame)
  • Chicken Bake (Chicken, Burdock, Bamboo Shoot, Onion, Carrot, Konnyaku)
  • Tempura Sauce
  • Kcal: 842

I like the Iridori (chicken bake, I’m sorry I don’t like this translation, but I am tired and can’t think of another one), because the light taste of chicken, rather than pork, complements the bamboo shoots and burdock well. Fritters are pretty oily, but that is in the nature of such tempura like dishes, so I still like it quite a lot, especially with the sweet tare sauce.

My friends often say I have a 猫舌 or “cat’s tongue”. It means that I can’t drink hot tea or eat hot foods as much as most Japanese. Most Japanese dishes are perfectly fine served cold, but miso soup should be served very hot, almost boiling I think. I think this is true with tea as well. This is why traditional soup and tea bowls have lids: to make sure the contents do not get cold. Of course, rice should be served hot too, but not boiling hot.

Another thing Japanese prefer hotter than Westerners is bathes. Back in the day, people in the West often said “Hot bathing is bad for you. You will catch a chill.” But that is only true in the case of Western moderately hot bathes. In the case of very hot Japanese bathes, the heat carries over and there is no such danger, even the winter. In this case, the “modern” science of health was less accurate than the common traditions of Japan.



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