Yukari Rice!!

November 9th, Friday:

  • Miso Soup (Cabbage, Carrot)
  • Stirfried Butterbur (Butterbur, Konnyaku, Bamboo Shoot, Satsuma-age)
  • Sweet Salt Broiled Salmon
  • Yukari Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 699

“Yukari” is red perilla sprinkled on rice, and was first introduced as a product by Mishima foods. It is related to the poem in the Kokin Wakashuu:
Murasaki no hitomoto yuye ni Musashi-no no
Kusa ha minagara ahareto zo miru

As you can see, yukari rice turns a lovely red when mixed with the red perilla. I like perilla a lot, so I was happy to eat it, but I think the colour/ slightly sour taste turned some students off of it.

As our school lunch menu told us, yukari gohan was first formulated by the company Mishima Foods in the 1960s. The name “yukari” is an archaic word for purple and they were inspired to name the product purple by the 867th poem in the “Collection of Poems, Old and New“. I typed out the romanji of the poem above, but the meaning is something like this:

Because of a single purple plant, everyone is moved by the sight of the Feild of Musashi’s grasses.

I should mention that the kanji used to write yukari is not the same as the one used to write murasaki, but is interestingly used when writing the word for perilla. Because waka poetry is very beautiful, I will give you a silly waka I wrote myself:

Amoung the bamboo,
wind pawing at your white sleeves, paused in your hurry,
Was it only accident that you looked my direction?


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