Nanpu Venison Curry

November 14th, Thursday:

  • Nanpu Venison Curry and Rice (Ezo Venison, Potato, Carrot, Onion)
  • Milk
  • Acerola and Milk Gelée (Acerola, Milk Jelly)
  • Shaped Cheese

The second entry in the School Lunch Center’s Curry of Pride is “Nanpu’s Venison Curry”. In South Furano, breaded venison is famous. In school lunch, we use venison that has been marinated in wine.

In my hometown, we don’t have any deer. So my first time to eat venison was when I moved to Japan. I have heard teachers complain that venison is too “gamey”, but actually, I much prefer venison over pork. The venison we eat here comes from Ezo deer, which is a deer particular to Hokkaido, Ezo being the old name for Hokkaido. So, I would say that I liked today’s lunch. The cheese was shaped like different animals today: I got a lion. Also, the acerola milk gelee was tasty although one of my students today said it “tastes like medicine”. I sort of see what he meant.

By the way, I went to an elementary school today, where the portions are slightly smaller than at intermediate school.

The students all grew chrysanthemums displayed in the entrance. In fact, the school over all has pretty amazing students: after school they played ichinin isshu karuta, chanting the reading cards beautifully. I was moved.


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