Okome de Christmas Cake! (#^_^#)

December 21st, Friday:

  • Wakame Soup (Green Onion, Onion, Wakame Seaweed)
  • Sauteed Veggies and Bacon (Egg, Cabbage, Spinach, Carrot, Bacon)
  • Pine Spicy Chicken
  • Okome de Christmas Cake
  • Kcal: 800

The last school lunch of 2012 is the Christmas Menu. This year’s Christmas cake doesn’t use eggs, milk, or wheat, so those with allergies can feel safe to eat it.

Japan has whole-heartedly embraced the commercial Christmas celebration as sold by America. I can’t really approve with sickeningly sweet distortion of a holiday it has become here or there, but Japan means well. Two “Japanese” Christmas traditions are to eat chicken (ie, Kentucky fried) and cake, and you can see this reflected in this lunch menu.

Cool thing about the cake this year is it is ‘okome’ which as I have explained before means it is made with rice flour and other local ingredients. Merry Christmas!



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2 responses to “Okome de Christmas Cake! (#^_^#)

  1. m.i.

    This cake must be “fuwa fuwa”, wasn’t it? since it uses rice flour. Just wonder what you like and you don’t… Perhaps it is not a proper place to ask, since you might have many of each:) I guess I could learn some hints from your Kyuushoku blog posts(^^)/

  2. Eat KFC for a commercial, American Christmas? Perfect match!

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