Suiton Soup

February 18th, Monday:


  • Suiton Soup (Wheat Dumplings, Chicken, Bean Curd, Naruto Surimi, Carrot, Daikon Radish, Green Onion)
  • Five Ingredient Kinpira (Burdock, Carrot, Pork, Satsuma-age, Sliced Konnyaku, Green Bean)
  • Natural Teriyaki Amberjack
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 871

So, suiton (水団) are sort of hand formed soup dumplings made of wheat flour. As you know, I love dumplings, so I liked today’s soup. It was also full of other things I love like abura-age, naruto, and carrots. Also, the five ingredient kinpira seemed a little different than before.

I’m tired today… I was so busy last weekend.

Because who doesn't want to see a close up of this awesome suiton soup?!

Because who doesn’t want to see a close up of this awesome suiton soup?!

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3 responses to “Suiton Soup

  1. milkljapan

    週末おつかれだったみたいですね… おつかれさまですm(_ _)m Suiton soup sounds full of your favorite stuff inside, and it perhaps cheered up a little, I hope. Good to know many things you like in this time:) Wish this week does not give you so much work, and you will have some time to relax (^^)/

    • tenmen

      Aw, thank you! I am not sure how busy I will be this week, but next weekend I hope to keep it mostly free so I can sleep and clean my house some. ( ・◇・)

      • milkljapan

        Sometimes it is good to have some schedule-free weekend like that:) 穏やかで、リラックスできる週末になればいいね♪

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