With this blog called “Kyuushoku”, I humbly offer up to you a photo and translation of every middle school lunch I eat in this northern land of Hokkaido in the twenty-fourth year of Heisei.

Of established patterns, everyday steam rice, soup, and two okazu dishes are served along with milk. On Tuesdays, bread is served in place of rice. On Thursdays, noodles are served in place of rice and one okazu dish is replaced by a dessert. Soba is not served, even on Thursdays, due to allergy concerns. Likewise, those who cannot drink milk can request wheat tea. Curry rice, the favourite of students,  is usually served once a month on a Wednesday.

Your humble translator is most happy to be of service, and thus begs you might deign to comment or ask questions.  Her favourite school lunch is Pumpkin Oshiruko, served on 冬至 touji.


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