Milk Maid

February 26th, Tuesday:


  • Consomme Soup(Chinese Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Ham)
  • Cod Roe Spaghetti (Spaghetti, Shrimp, Bell Pepper, Cod Roe)
  • Breaded Bean Patty
  • Milk Make (Chocolate)
  • Butter Bread
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 815

“Milk Make” makes its appearance. Squeeze it into the milk carton through the straw hole, but before you do this, take a sip of the milk first to prevent extra milk from spilling out. Then put in the milk make, mix it well, and drink it up.

Today’s breaded bean patty had a slightly sweet taste. It wasn’t overly popular with the boys. Previously, when we have had cod roe spaghetti, there were more eggs I felt. I don’t know where the name for the chocolate milk syrups comes from: literally it is “Mirumeiku” so I thought that sounded like “milk make”. But I don’t know. It comes in a tube that looks just like the tubes of chocolate you can buy for cake decorating. In fact, I wonder if it isn’t practically the same thing. That said, I can’t drink milk, and thus I gave my milk make away, and didn’t drink it.

Speaking of milk and its derivatives, yesterday I ate a sweet. It looked like it was sweet potato sweet, but actually under the sweet potato was a great deal of whipped cream. I should have just thrown the whole sweet out when I discovered this, but no: I still ate it. So  last night and today I have a very unhappy stomach ache. WHY DO COMPANIES MAKE INEDIBLE CREAM SWEETS SO DELICIOUS LOOKING!!!! ~(>_<~)

Today's Chocolate Milk "Milk Make"

Today’s Chocolate Milk “Milk Make”

Cod Roe Spaghetti

Cod Roe Spaghetti

A picture from where I sat at the foot of the table.

A picture from where I sat at the foot of the table.

  • コンソメスープ
  • たらこスパゲッティ
  • 豆いっぱいフライ
  • ミルメイク(ココア)
  • バターパン
  • 牛乳

Tarako Spaghetti

July 3rd, Tuesday:

  • Chinese Vegetable Soup (Chicken, Cabbage, Bamboo Shoot, Shiitake Mushroom, Carrot)
  • Tarako Spaghetti (Spaghetti Noodle, Shrimp, Bell Pepper, Cod Roe)
  • Oven-baked Chicken
  • Milk Bread
  • Milk

Tarako are the eggs of Alaska Pollack. They are called tarako because they are eggs, in other words the children (ko) of pollack (tara).

Today is a sports competition between schools, so the intermediate schools don’t have school lunch today. For that reason, I couldn’t take a picture. Since I would be loath to do such an abhorrent thing such as not giving my dear readers a picture, here is a photograph of yours truely. Aren’t I charming!

  • 中華野菜スープ
  • たらこスパゲッティ
  • 若鶏のオーブンン焼
  • ミルクパン
  • 牛乳