Kenchin Soup

November 18th, Wednesday:

  • Kenchin Soup (Tofu, Carrot, Burdock, Shimeji Mushroom, Daikon Radish, Shiitake Mushroom)
  • Simmered Sweet Potatoes and Cut Konbu Seaweed (Sweet Potato, Konnyaku, Konbu Seaweed, Satsumaage)
  • Salt Culture Broiled Mackerel
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 733

The salt culture broiled mackerel was introduced in August. It is favoured for delicious moist taste. It is a dish we hope even those who don’t like fish will eat.

Kenchin soup is of course delicious, and as the school lunch menu above states, the Okhostk Atka mackerel had a mild taste and divided easily, making it easy to eat with chopsticks. In the past, I have felt the sweet potatoes and konbu are a little too strongly flavoured like konbu, but I didn’t feel that way today at all. It was quite good.

  • けんちん汁
  • さつま芋と切り昆布の煮物
  • ほっけ塩麹焼き
  • ごはん
  • 牛乳

Dried Daikon Stirfry

October 18th, Wednesday:

  • Egg Drop Miso Soup (Egg, Green Onion, Wakame Seaweed)
  • Dried Daikon Stir-fry (Dried Daikon, Satsumaage, Carrot, Hijiki, Green Bean, Konnyaku)
  • Salt-Broiled Trout
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Kcal: 753

Kiriboshi (Dried) Daikon is daikon radish that has been cut into narrow strips and dried in the sun. Drying them in the sun gives their nutrition and sweetness a power-up.

I liked today’s lunch. I am a fan of hijiki. It has such a lovely wholesome taste that makes me feel energetic and healthy after eating it. Not to mention I also love konnyaku and satsuma-age, which were stirfried with it. Salt broiling is a nice way to cook fish as well, as it gives it a clean ungreasy taste. And you can’t really go wrong with egg drop soup. It was one of my favourite dishes to cook when I was a school child.

  • かきたまみそ汁
  • 切干大根の炒め煮
  • ます塩焼き
  • ごはん
  • 牛乳

Two sweets I received at my desk. The red one is 亀田の柿の種 (Turtlefield’s Persimmon Seeds), a sort of rice cracker snack from Okinawa that goes well with beer. The other one is called 楡の街 (Elm Quarter), from a sweet shop in Wassamu, Hokkaido. It is a sort of biscuit made of crystallized sugar and egg, embedded with almond or pumpkin seeds.

Curry Udon

September 20th, Thursday:

  • Curry Udon (Pork, Onion, Satsuma-age, Carrot, Green Onion)
  • Milk
  • Vegetable Patty
  • Yogurt
  • Kcal: 727

Curry Udon makes a comeback! Recently, a lot of curry related cooking is being eaten. Dishes that the school lunch center previously served are making a comeback.

I thought was curry udon was pretty tasty and the second years I ate with agreed with me. However, when I asked my third years about it, they said it was bad. I will say that curry udon is a very dangerous dish to eat. Fortunately I wore a brown coloured shirt today. The vegetable patty had of course vegetables, but seemed to be seafood based: maybe shrimp? I thought it had a nice, light taste. It didn’t match that well with curry though. I hope they serve it on a normal udon day sometime. The yogurt we had today was unflavoured, but still quite popular with my students.

As a child, I didn’t much like yogurt. I mean, it was okay, but hardly my favourite. As a child I sometimes got yogurt in my school lunch. It was usually fruit flavoured, but unmixed, meaning the fruit gel was layered on the bottom and you had to mix the firm yogurt to bring the flavouring up into it. That was pretty fun.  Now, I try to sometimes eat yogurt at home because its healthy. Also, my favourite TV spy eats yogurt all the time, so I feel inspired to eat it whenever I watch it.

  • カレーうどん
  • 牛乳
  • 野菜ハンバーグ
  • ヨーグルト

Suiton Dumpling Soup

May 16th, Wednesday:

  • Suiton Dumpling Soup (Dumpling, Bean Curd, Tsuto Surimi, Carrot, Daikon Radish, Green Onion)
  • Egg Bound Satsuma-age (Satsuma-age, Onion, Burdock, Green Bean, Egg)
  • Simply Stewed Chicken Drumette
  • Rice
  • Milk

Eggs include not only protein, but also Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E. This is one of the great characteristics of eggs, as compared to fish and meat.

The soup was decidedly delicious, with a thick but not creamy consistency. However, it very sadly lacked even one dumpling.
(* ̄m ̄) As a side note, I am confused about the difference between tsuto surimi and naruto surimi. Naruto is defined by it’s red swirl and flower-like shape, but tsuto also has that. I wish I knew what kanji “tsuto” is written with. As for the chicken drumette, I have to take Emperor Temmu’s position on the subject.